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Below you can browse our articles related to ProForm and fitness in general. If we hear of any new models or a special sale we will be posting about it here. And remember, our coupons work even during ProForm sales events. But when nothing new is happening with ProForm we will also post helpful information related to the world of exercise and fitness to help you get the most out of your new exercise equipment.

Thinking about buying exercise equipment but haven’t had the nerve to pull the trigger yet?! Well today is your lucky day! ProForm.com is have a ONE-DAY-SALE!!! 

Whether you’re in the market for a treadmill or an elliptical, they’ll have an exercise machine marked down just for you! Some machines even over $1000 off! Check out out ProForm Coupons, along with their one day sale, and you’re sure to find the right machine for you well within your budget!

ProForm's One Day Sale


Bored with your WorkoutWe’ve all those workouts from time to time that just seem to drag on, those ones where you feel like an hour has flown by, but it’s really only been minutes! Yeah we’ve all been there, but if this seems to be happening to your more times than not, studies show you’re less likely to continue your exercise regimen.

According to an article by HuffingtonPost.com, “research actually shows that people enjoy exercise more than they think they will. In fact, they enjoy it a whole lot more! There about a billion mental and physical reasons to exercise regularly, so why not make the experience as enjoyable as possible?”

They also went on to share some ways to help your workout fly by that we thought would be really beneficial to our readers. So be sure to check out the article here for all 16 ways, but we thought we’d share just some of our favorite Ways To Make A Workout Fly By: Read More

April is Stress Awareness Month and in honor of it, ProForm.com is offering “The Ultimate Stress Reliever” Pro 2000 for only $1299; that’s $700 off it’s original price! That price alone should relieve some stress!

Now we’ve all heard how exercise can help to relieve stress, yet do many of us follow and even believe that?! According to How Exercise Relieves Stress, “exercise essentially burns away the chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine that cause stress. At the same time, vigorous exercise releases endorphins into the system. Endorphins are morphine-like hormones that are responsible for the feeling of elation.”

To reap all the benefits, the exercise does need to be regular. If you want to squash stress for good, you need to find and stick to a regular workout routine. The Pro 2000 can be sure to help you do just that! So be sure to check out the great sale going on and find out for yourself how exercise can reduce your stress!


The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Prayers for BostonIn the wake of the tragic event that took place yesterday, I think we all more than heartbroken. We’ve always been and still are huge fans of the Boston Marathon, we even have our own Boston Marathon Training Treadmill to encourage and help those brave souls accomplishing the once-in-a-lifetime for many opportunity.

For so many to be injured and any deaths to occur in what should have been a happy/rewarding/celebrating event, well that leaves us all a little speechless. We want to send our thoughts and prayers out  to those 3 families that lost a loved one, to more than the 150 that were injured, and to all those affected by this tragedy.

Now many are asking, what can we do to help our community and our nation?! A post from one of our favorite bloggers PBFingers shared How You Can Help Boston and some ways those of our readers, runners alike or not, looking to help can do so:

When it comes to cardio many people think treadmills are your best beat, when in reality elliptical machine can offer just as an effective fat-burning workout, as long as you are using it to it’s full potential that is. Check out 6 Reasons to Exercise on Ellipticals if you’re not so sure yet.

According to an article from Fitbie.MSN.com, “The biggest mistake people make using an elliptical machine is staying at a steady, slow or moderate pace for the entire session.” Now I’m sure you’ve heard of interval training before, check out All About Interval Training if you need a refresher of why it’s so amazing. Yet interval training is not just for treadmill running, it can be incorporated into any cardio workout to increase your calorie burn in less time.

Elliptical Machine WorkoutYou can use interval training on your elliptical in time frames, such as going at a slower, steady pace for one minute, then increasing your pedalling or resistance to full speed for 30 seconds, then repeat. You can also do it by mileage, 0.5 miles slower speed, then crank it up for the next 0.25-0.5 miles. Or if you are one who likes to watch TV while you workout, you can increase your speed on the commercials!

Besides adding interval training, there are other tips one can do to maximize their calorie burning on the elliptical, check out these tips from the previously mentioned Fitbit.MSN article, you can check out the article for more detailed descriptions and examples on each tip. Read More

Although we are big fans of treadmills, specifically ProForm Treadmills, we know that they can become a little mundane. Today we wanted to bring ya a workout that is sure to “Spice Things Up” and add a little variety to your treadmill workout. Now if you are new to treadmill running, or it’s been awhile since you’ve had the opportunity to run on one, be sure to read up on the Correct Treadmill Running Form to ensure you’re doing it correctly.
Try out this Treadmill Interval Workout that not only switches up your incline and your speed, but gives you some different activities to try out during the s specified time frame as well! For a workout such as this we recommend a treadmill with one-touch speed and incline controls to make it quicker/easier, such as the Pro 2000, which is actually $700 off today and tomorrow for ProForm’s Fitness Sale! Check out if you’re in need of a new treadmill, then get back here and try out this workout to make good use of that purchase!  Read More

Lose Weight on a Tight BudgetI think it’s no surprise here at ProFormCoupon.com we are all about staying healthy while saving money, two things people often think cannot go hand in hand. This is where many are wrong, you can indeed lose weight and gain health while saving money! No more excuses on the financial front when it comes to your health! Check out our guest post today for 6 Awesome Tips to Lose Weight Even on a Tight Budget:

Losing weight is a struggle enough but to spend a wad of money on the effort would be too much for some. While people have realized the value of losing weight and of becoming healthier, some are discouraged by the amount needed to get that rippled abs or that sought after hour-glass figure. Don’t fret, there are lots of ways to become healthy and still save money. Read More

Many think walking is a leisurely activity and can’t be used as a way to blast fat, in honor of National Walking Day we are here to put that misconception to rest! We’ve talked before about how you can Walk Away From Health Risks by incorporating walking into your weekly workouts, yet some still think you have to go full out every day to see any progress.

While higher intensity workouts will help you to burn more calories faster, if you were to go full intensity every day you’ll soon experience burn out. Be sure you are allowing your body the rest it deserves, as we talking about in the Importance of Rest Days.

Now many of us have a hard time with so-called “rest days” as we still want to get in some sort of physical activity. Now for these days, walking is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a lower-intensity workout that still gives your body a rest from the more intense workouts, yet can still get you moving.

Now that we all know Walking is Indeed Beneficial to Our Health and should be incorporated into our fitness regimens to help us burn calories and crank up our metabolisms, here is a Super Fat Blasting Walking Workout from Prevention for you to try out in honor of National Walking Day. It gives you a lower-intensity workout yet will still leave you sweating and your heart pumping!  Read More

Here at ProFormCoupon.com we understand there is more to building muscle than working out, the food you eat is also just as important to help you to tone and build as well. Today we have guest author Ryan to explain just what foods to add to our diets to help us build our muscles.

Building MuscleMuscle building make people perform better and achieve better results in sports. Humans need a good musculoskeletal system because we use it on activities that we often take for granted. But muscles do more than that, it increases bone density which averts osteoporosis and even increase your metabolism. That is why it is important to strike a balance through diet and training to achieve better results in muscle building. Read More

Proform has recently released their very own dog treadmill! And this dog-exercising machine is being backed by Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer!

dog treadmill Read More