16 Ways To Make A Workout Fly By

Bored with your WorkoutWe’ve all those workouts from time to time that just seem to drag on, those ones where you feel like an hour has flown by, but it’s really only been minutes! Yeah we’ve all been there, but if this seems to be happening to your more times than not, studies show you’re less likely to continue your exercise regimen.

According to an article by HuffingtonPost.com, “research actually shows that people enjoy exercise more than they think they will. In fact, they enjoy it a whole lot more! There about a billion mental and physical reasons to exercise regularly, so why not make the¬†experience¬†as enjoyable as possible?”

They also went on to share some ways to help your workout fly by that we thought would be really beneficial to our readers. So be sure to check out the article here for all 16 ways, but we thought we’d share just some of our favorite Ways To Make A Workout Fly By:

  1. Grab a Buddy. Working out with a friend is not only fun, but it also helps to hold you more reliable to completing the workout when you know someone else is counting on you.
  2. Join a Class. Working out in a class with others helps the time to fly by, while also giving you something new to try out!
  3. Plan it Out. Instead of focusing on a specific timeframe you should workout, plan an exercise routine to complete beforehand. That way you’ll be focusing on the workout and exercises themselves, not the clock.
  4. Crank the Tunes. Silence can make time seem longer than it really is, and workouts are suppose to be energetic! So bump up your favorite tunes and sing along!
  5. Shorten it Up. “Want to really make a workout go by quickly? Cut it in half! Short and intense workouts can be super-effective for building strength and endurance.”
  6. Get Competitive. Competition riles many up and really gets them going. If you are one who is motivated by a little competition, find a friend or family member to compete against who can workout more, or lose more weight. You can also join community centers sports teams for fun, competitive ways to stay active.
  7. Try Something New. “Mixing in challenging new exercises, like kettlebell high pulls and plyometric deadlifts, can provide an extra boost of mental stimulation, keeps the workout exciting, and challenges the body in new ways.”
  8. Set a Reward. Many people are motivated if they know they will be reaping a reward for their hard work in the end. So reward yourself if you’ve exercised at least 4 days this week, or if you’ve lost those stubborn 10 lbs. Just be sure not to reward yourself with chocolate or cheese fries, something that will only derail your hard work. Instead reward yourself with a massage/pedicure or a new outfit!