4 Ways to Fit in Fitness

Exercise is one of the most crucial things one can do to increase their weight loss and benefit their health, along with having eating a balanced diet. Yet the unfortunate part about exercise is that many find it hard to find the time to fit in a workout.

Many working adults live hectic lives now days, they are so busy juggling their jobs, family, personal time, and some are even going to school adding another stressor and more time consuming. Many health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, yet with our busy lifestyles, how are we ever supposed to find the time to fit in a workout?!

While trying to find even 30 minutes in your day may seem like a lot, it can be easily done if you make it priority and make the time for it. Having an active healthy lifestyle is worth finding the time, or you’ll have to find the time and money for diseases that will soon follow when one lives an inactive sedentary lifestyle for too long.

Here a few smart ways from FitWatch.com, you can check out the full article here, to help you fit in exercise:

Wake Up Early. We’ve talked about it before in a previous post, Why You Should Hold off on That Snooze Button, how getting your workout in first thing is a great way to start one’s day. Start by just doing 15 minutes early, and going for a quick 15 minute run on your treadmill. Slowly build-up to 30minutes, 45minutes, and even an hour to get in a good workout before you head out the door. It’ll be hard at first, but if you do it step by step it will soon become easier.

During Your Lunch Break. The majority of full-time 9-5 working adults have that hour lunch break, yet eating usually does take a full hour to accomplish. Rather than spending the rest of your time longing around surfing the web, or answering emails, take the time to go for a walk around outside your office. Walk up and down the stairs a few times. If you have a private office you can do a few sets of body weight exercises, such as lunges, squats, sit-ups and pushups. You may even find you feel more refreshed after you break once you get your blood pumping, this will help you work better the rest of the day.

During Your Favorite Show. I know many Americans have their favorite show, and they are always able to find time to fit that in, whether it be by DVR or watching during the scheduled programing. So why not combine this activity with a little exercise to help you stay fit. You can either place your fitness equipment in front of your television so you can watch as you exercise, this helps your 30-minutes to hour long workout to fly by when paired with watching your 30minute to hour show. Or you can do those body weight bearing exercises we talked about early on your floor during the show. Some shows actually have fun workouts that go along with them, like this site with The Office and Burn Notice workouts, or this 90210 Workout.

In Short Bursts. If you don’t have the time to carve out a 30-60 minute block of time to fit in your workout, don’t throw it all out the window then. You can easily spread up your workouts into 3 shorter 10 minute burst of workouts throughout the day. Simple things such as parking farther away, taking the stairs, doing 100 jumping jacks while your waiting for the water to boil, wall sits while your brushing your teeth. These all begin to add up throughout the day.

The key is to not make working out seem like such a chore, make it more of a necessity. It may be hard to get into the habit, but once you get started you’ll find it gets easier and easier to prioritize exercise into your day.


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Written By: Jentry