5 Ways to Stay Fit Forever

There is no doubt about it: if you want to lose weight than you need to exercise. But is it true that all exercise is rated as equally efficient as others? Not so much, actually. Fitness experts agree there are certain types of exercises and certain equipment that can help you lose weight faster, and keep it off.

Here are five of the top fitness exercises to help you stay fit and strong:


Weight Lifting: weight lifting is not only for jocks that are interested in making their biceps huge. Actually weight lifting is one of those great exercises that can help you keep burning fat way after you have left the gym. And it doesn’t mean you will look like a body builder, either. You can work the weights and still stay slender. What the act of lifting heavy weight does is it stokes the metabolism because of the increase in muscle, which assists in the burning of calories after working out. Other benefits that come from weight lifting: it is great for women when it comes to beating osteoporosis as it helps with strengthening the bones. It is also excellent for helping with back issues and posture problems as it helps build structural muscles to aid in standing erect and tall.

Using the Elliptical Machine: This is a wonderful piece of equipment for burning the most amount of calories per minute of output. Plus it is super easy on the joints as it is low impact. One of the great benefits of the elliptical machine is its ability to work both the lower body and the upper body at once. These help to tone and shape the entire body in one workout, something many exercises can’t say.

Incorporating the bands. Using bands for working out and exercising are excellent for those dealing with injury, are new to exercise, or are aging. Fitness created by using band workouts helps involve both our “fast twitch muscle fibers” (used for sprinting and fast action) and our “slow twitch muscle fibers” (the muscles we use for long distance running, for example). You can implement the muscle type you want by varying on the intensity and the speed with which you are using the bands. Bands are particularly excellent for slowing the full movement of the body part down and involving all muscle components.

Running on the Treadmill: If you love running, but are concerned with uneven ground or you live in a wet or unsafe environment, then invest in a treadmill. Running is one of the quickest ways to drop weight as it uses the entire body for movement, thus burning the highest amount of calories for a cardiovascular exercise. So, having the option of running both indoors and outdoors is certain to help in staying fit.

Investing in a bike. Whether you would rather have a stationary bike, or a bike to cruise on the roads, using biking for exercise is a perfect way to get out there and stay fit without destroying the joints. Biking is excellent for those with knee injuries, back pain, or weight issues as well.


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