7 Super Foods That Are Important In Muscle Building

Here at ProFormCoupon.com we understand there is more to building muscle than working out, the food you eat is also just as important to help you to tone and build as well. Today we have guest author Ryan to explain just what foods to add to our diets to help us build our muscles.

Building MuscleMuscle building make people perform better and achieve better results in sports. Humans need a good musculoskeletal system because we use it on activities that we often take for granted. But muscles do more than that, it increases bone density which averts osteoporosis and even increase your metabolism. That is why it is important to strike a balance through diet and training to achieve better results in muscle building.

Lean red meat
If you are leaning towards building more muscle mass it is best to stick with lean red meat. Lean red meat gives the body a complete dose of protein. When people are busy building muscles it is important to get the right amount of protein. Choosing lean meat cuts the cholesterol down together with saturated fats that are unhealthy. When cooking lean meat make sure to cut the visible fat and grill as opposed to frying. It offers around seven grams of protein per ounce. White meat often is healthy and offers less calories and fat. White meat offers leaner protein sources which is good if you are not into body building. Lean red meat simply offers a wider protein option because of CLA and creatine which are both needed to build a better body mass.

Cottage cheese
A cup of cottage cheese offers the body a whooping 28 grams of protein. It is a good source of casein protein which sustains the protein release for a longer period of time that is helpful in building muscles. Choose low-fat cottage cheese as your snack time fare especially after a great workout. The calcium in cottage cheese can also help to build your bones and provide stronger support as well, read more here to see how.

Olive oil
The listing of olive oil may be contrary to popular belief and common sense. However, olive oil is a great source of monounsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains a lot of oleocanthal which is a great anti-inflammatory chemical beneficial in one’s fight against muscle pain that could be prevalent during muscle building work outs. If you need to fry foods, stick in using olive oil to keep things healthy.

Apples to Build MuscleApples
Apples are not only rich in anti-oxidants but it is rich in fiber as well. Apples have tons of electrolytes that can make the body last longer during training. It is a great post workout food. So when you are thinking what food to snack on after a hard day’s training then an apple is your strongest bet. Apple has pectin that helps the body feel full longer. It is best to choose organic apples to avoid the ill-effects of pesticides and other chemicals that were used in growing this wonder fruit.

Lentils are rich in good carbohydrates aside from having lots of minerals and fiber that can be a very useful aid for a muscle builder during training. Carbohydrates in lentils are slowly released which is great when you are trying to build muscles. Lentils also help replace lost nutrients during training. Lentils are one of the few protein-packed legumes that offer the body builder tons of proteins needed to build a better muscle mass. It can provide up to 20 grams of protein supplying the body of its daily protein requirement.

Well, just ask Popeye how Spinach can give you more strength and power. Don’t believe him? Well, this super food has lots of calcium which is great to build better bone density. Calcium is also helpful in preventing the muscle from cramping when a body builder is on training. A study showed that spinach can increase protein production by 120 percent. That is a staggering number if you think about. No wonder Popeye has those biceps. Spinach is also good in making the body stronger aside from getting more muscle mass.

Oysters are rich in zinc which raises testosterone levels in men. When you are trying to build some muscle it is important to have enough testosterone.

Eating the right kind of stuff may help body builders build better muscles. While these foods can help body builders, it is better to integrate it in a balanced diet. Again, the key is to strike a balance in the diet. Eating these super foods will prove to be very helpful not only in muscle building but in promoting overall optimal health as well. Be sure to check out our Tips for Better Bodybuilding Fat Loss Workouts to aid your progress as well.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera writes about stress, anxiety and panic attacks. You can also find more information about these topics on his Calm Clinic Facebook account.