Are the Olympics Inspiring You?

OlympicsWith the beginning of the Olympics has come a new awareness of fitness and exciting competition. All of us here at Proform Coupons are excited to see America watch the Olympic Games, then get off the couch and aspire to join the Olympians.

We’ve already seen many events, like boxing, basketball and diving. Many of these events are exercises you can do at home! At the end of each day, we challenge each of you to have your workout inspired by an Olympic event! Tonight you can go swimming or play a round of tennis.

Just don’t do the same Olympic workout twice! The idea is to get you moving your body in new ways, and what could be more inspiring than watching the best athletes in the world competing?!  When swimming laps in the pool, you can think of Michael Phelps winning another Olympic medal.

Use the Olympics as inspiration to take a break from your treadmill! Doing different exercises is great for your health because it moves your body differently, working different muscles. This is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness!

If you change up your routine for the Olympics, tell us about it! If you have an inspiring story to share, go ahead and leave us a comment – we will publish your story! We want everyone to be happy, healthy, and fit. Sharing and listening to workout success stories is a great source of inspiration for all. Good luck!