Being Responsible for Your Fitness Health

Hope you all enjoyed your nice long weekend!!!

Did everyone try out the Memorial Day Workout?!? Or did some of you think because it was a holiday weekend, you deserved a break from your fitness?!

I came across an article from called “Are you Cheating…On Yourself?” After reading this article it really makes you think, am I?!

It goes on to say how many people will skip their workout when no one is there to hold them accountable for the workout, then they feel it does not matter, because who is going to criticize them anyways. “It’s OK, because nobody’s watching, right?”

Wrong! Just because no one is there to point fingers, to make you feel guilty for skipping, or to hold you accountable for your time does not mean you should allow yourself to slip up and be lazy.

I thought about how many times I’ve skipped a workout, or didn’t go as hard as I should have because I was home alone, and who would even know right?! Well pulling this too many times will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, and trust me when you pack on those 10 or 20 pounds, they will all know!

We’ve talked in a previous post how Exercising with Friends holds you accountable for completing your workout and not skipping out, this article goes along the same lines. But don’t think because you may not have any friends who are into fitness and find the importance in working out that are you out of luck.

Self DisciplineYou just need find a little self-discipline, hold yourself responsible for your fitness health. “Think about the implications laziness will bring tomorrow.” I know many times we put it in our head we don’t have the energy to jump on that treadmill, or I just plain don’t feel like it. It’s all about mind over matter, tell yourself you deserve this, like I’ve said in the past Praise Yourself.

Holding yourself responsible now will make it easier every day to overcome the day to day temptations of skipping out on a workout. Making working out part of your daily routine helps to give you fewer excuses. You can have your loved ones ask you if you worked out, or have a friend you must text after every workout telling them you completed it. You can find someone who will help you with this, even if it’s your parent.

“Each time you are tempted to cheat, remind yourself that the only person you are hurting is you. After all, cheaters never prosper.” We want you to enjoy your exercise equipment purchase you received here at, and not allow it to just collect dust in the corner! Utilize your equipment and eliminate the excuses of missing a workout!



Written By: Jentry