Bored? Add Variety To Your Runs

Running on a treadmill can get boring after a straight shot of 4 miles staring at your wall. Here at we want you to enjoy your treadmill, so here’s a few ways to add variety to your runs from this slideshow on to help you from getting too bored.Bored on the Treadmill

Add Intervals. Burst with high intensity intervals that is. Adding intervals to your workout gives you a constant change of speed, there is no way you can possible get bored. You focus on alternating your intervals instead of the workout itself, this makes time fly by.

Switch Up the Workout. Many of us get on our treadmill with the same plan of a workout we do every time, so many miles, so many minutes, the same speed, the same incline, the same blah blah. Well no wonder you are getting bored, trying different workouts will keep you interested. Try out a treadmill such as the ProForm Performance 1450 which comes with 26 built-in workouts to keep you constantly able to switch things up. It is also equipped with Google Maps technology, giving you the ability to run in a different place in the world every day. The variation with leave you with something different to think about every time.

Two Friends on Two TreadmillsWorkout with a Friend. Like we’ve talked about in a previous post, exercising with friends, not only does this hold you more accountable for your workout, it makes it more enjoyable. Incorporating workouts with hangouts makes the time easier to handle when you are gossiping away. Just make sure you are still focusing on the workout itself, and not strictly the hangout.

Add Incline. Adding incline to your treadmill run not only creates a higher calorie burn and increases your running power, but helps keep things fun by alternating the incline percentage. Try interval incline, switching from a high percentage incline to a lower percentage incline every few minutes. It will keep things interesting and your legs burning in the process.

Switch up Your Tunes. If you’ve been listening to the same playlist for the past few months you may be stuck in a workout music rut. Try looking for new songs to add or switch up the entire playlist for a brand new album.  Having new beats and motivation keeps your run more entertaining.

Make it fun, make it enjoyable, make it you. Switch up your treadmill runs to more your liking, this will result in a better chance of you sticking to your fitness goals!



Written By: Jentry