Ever See an Ad for Fitness Products?

It's a scam!I think we all have. Recently a group of scientists conducted a study to test their claims. So how did it go?

These awesome scientists tested over 1,500 ads from various sources, like websites and magazine ads. Of all these ads, only 3 of them actually had scientific data to back up their claims. That means at least 99% of fitness product ads are full of it!!!

So from here on out, don’t waste your money. If you feel like you need a little something to boost your workouts or injury recovery time, then do some heavy research first.

So why do they boast all of these unsubstantiated claims? I think it’s quite obvious; they care more about profit than improving your health. In other words, they are only interested in making money.

They don’t actually care if the product works or not! Who knows, maybe they were hoping for the placebo affect – the product will work because you think it will. But that’s a big fat scam! Some of them did do some testing, but the tests were so biased that it wasn’t even worth considering (according to an article by Elizabeth Renter).

So how can you tell which products are actually going to work? First off, look for scientific testing. Were there any human trials? Or was it just tested on lab rats? What do the test results say? Are the results conclusive? Do they only show an improvement in a few people, or are the statistics in your favor?

Remember, about 3 of these actually worked. There are worthwhile products out there, but you’ll have to sort through the junk to find the gems in this case. Trust me, the research is well worth your time!

So be careful next time you think about buying something you see online. Do your research and make sure it’s tested accurately before buying into it.

But honestly, the best way to get in shape is the old fashioned way – eat your fruits and vegetables, get in some treadmill time, and avoid the junk food. The weight will be gone for good!