Exercising to Give Up Smoking

No doubt about it, smoking kills!The negative effects of smoking on health are already well documented. The implications for smoking on your mouth and gums are not so well publicized. Smoking can lead to stained teeth, gum diseases such as gingivitis which can lead to teeth implants  and mouth cancer. Quitting smoking is very difficult for people and there are many products which can help people to kick the habit. This article looks at using exercise to help you stop smoking.

A study carried out earlier this year by researchers in Taiwan that people who exercise are 55 per cent more likely to quit—and 43 percent less likely to relapse into smoking, too. Further insight was available from the results of a study into the effects of exercise on quitting smoking carried out at the University of Exeter. The researchers showed smoking-related images to smokers who had not smoked for 15 hours and then cycled for 10 minutes. After their exercise session, smokers were less responsive to the smoking-related visuals and reported decreased cravings for cigarettes. Withdrawal symptoms and cigarette cravings decrease during exercise and for as long as 50 minutes afterwards.

If you are looking to quit smoking and you like what you are reading here, get up and do it. However it is important that you get your exercise routine under way before you attempt to quit. Stopping smoking is difficult and starting an exercise regime is difficult. If you attempt to both at the same time your chances of success are not very high. Start your exercise regime first. Give yourself around six months to get into it. This should give you time to get over the initial aches and pains and you start seeing the fruits of your labor at this stage which will give added incentive to keep it up.


Exercise can help people quit smoking in the following ways:

  1. Exercise relaxes people. One of the hardest times that quitters will go through is when they are stressed. A lot of people smoke socially because it eases the slight tension they feel in social situations. Exercise helps to relieve stress and tension. It is important that people continue to exercise after they are through the initial difficult quitting period.
  2. Quitting smoking is not easy particularly if you are bored. Smokers are more likely to relapse if they are sitting around doing nothing. It is important to have something to occupy your time when you are quitting smoking, particularly for the initial three week period.
  3. One worry that smokers have is that they will gain weight if they quit smoking. The fact of the matter is that smoking will be a lot more detrimental for your looks in the long run. The reason people gain weight when they quit smoking is because they eat to fill the gap smoking has left in their lives. People can fill the gap with exercise instead of binge eating. It requires a little bit of effort but you might lose weight instead of gaining it!!


We hope this article on how starting an exercise regime can help you to kick the habit has given you some good ideas. If you would like to talk to us about the risks of smoking for dental implants, please see the site.