Exercising With Friends

Exercising with friends

You can even wear sweet matching pants together! :)

Working out does not need to be a solo act, partnering up may leave you better off.

When you commit to working out with someone, you hold each other accountable. How many times have you put off a workout because you were too tired, didn’t have the energy, or just plain didn’t want to?!

When you have a friend relying on you, you don’t want to disappoint, it is human nature to please others. This makes you more likely to make the effort even if you don’t feel like it. Even if they are feeling the same way as you, wanting to bail, neither will probably say anything not wanting to disappoint the other. This is a good thing!

Another good reason to find a workout partner is it makes it less scary. When you have a comfortable companion by your side during your new exercise class, or first day at the gym, it makes you more relaxed and willing to participate, also more likely to go!

As workout buddies you also help to encourage the other. When you are running along and think you just can’t go one more step, they’ll give you the boost and motivation to power through.

This is where it gets tricky though, you have to find those workout buddies who are motivated and committed. Not the ones who are willing to let you slack, which may hold you back even more than you would going solo!

So make sure to choose your workout friends carefully. You want them to make exercise more positive, making both of you want to participate in daily activity more often, not dreading the time together.

There are sites such as Exercise Friends and My Workout Spot help you find people in your area looking for workout partners. It’s a great way to trim up, as well as meet new people!


Written By: Jentry