Finger Treadmill Free App

There are a whole bunch of fitness and running apps out there, but have you seen this one yet?

If you have watched the new Quicken Loans TV commercial out (you can watch it below if you haven’t seen it yet) and it features this fun, “workout” app that you can download on your mobile device. It’s called the Finger Treadmill, and the name implies exactly what it is.

The app is put out by Detroit Labs LLC, and is totally free to download from the iTunes app store. Free is the best deal around… You won’t even need one of our exercise equipment coupons for this!

Reasons you may want to download this app:

1. Your fingers are getting way too fat.

2. Can’t go for a real run at the moment.

3. Bored in class.

4. You actually think it’s an awesome idea to work out your fingers, and you wonder why you never thought of this before.

This whole concept reminds me of when Google released their “chromercise” finger sweatbands. These were free, and put out by Google as part of their Chrome browser promotion, but unfortunately they are no longer available. However, through the use of the Finger Treadmill app, your fingers will be in tip top shape in no time!

Here is the original Quicken Loans commercial for you to enjoy. After you give it a watch, you’ll want to get in on the action! Just click here to download the app for free.¬†Enjoy!