Food You Should Never, Ever Eat After Exercise

Chocolate Covered Pretzels with SprinklesAfter their exercise routine, many people feel that they have already done so much for their body that they immediately go out for milk shakes or munch on a bar of chocolate. However, studies have shown that what you eat right after exercising can actually impact the benefits from the exercise routines that you just performed.

When you consume sugar within about 2 hours after exercising, you will affect negatively your insulin sensitivity as well as your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production.

A new study found that consuming a low carb meal right after a cardio workout will enhance insulin sensitivity. This is something that is very beneficial because insulin insensitivity is a major predisposing factor for type 2 diabetes. This can also cause chronic diseases like heart conditions.

Also, consuming fructose, especially those that come from fruit juices, in this two hour window has the ability to ruin your natural production of HGH. Eating a meal that is high in sugar right after working out can hinder you from receiving the benefits of HGH from exercise. You might have worked out for hours but when you immediately consume a high sugar food item, you will be shut down from getting the benefits of HGH.

Even if you will not receive the benefits brought about by HGH, you will get the benefits still from the exercise routine that you just performed. However, HGH brings in a big bonus that will allow you to still continue burning fat up to two hours after you are through with your workout. This should be something that will be very helpful for those who have a desire to lose weight.

Phil Campbell, a fitness expert, says that one very effective way to maximize HGH production is by giving a limit to sugar intake a couple hours after exercise.

Working out once in a week and going through the typical strength training could seem like it will provide different results but new evidences have surfaced that these two kinds of exercises can actually yield the same results. University of Florida orthopedics researchers were able to develop a system which makes this possible. This should be something that is very helpful in reducing the time spent in the gym without any compromise on the expected results.

This system uses eccentric resistance training. This is a workout that uses the fact that out bodies are able to carry and then lower weights which are much too heavy to be lifted.

There are also other scientists that have come upon more clues that will explain just how exercise can strengthen and reshape more than your muscles. They have found out that it can also change your brain.

In the 1990s, it was found out that both animal and human brain cells continually give birth to new brain cells and exercising can increase this process. However, the way that the brain operates in such a process is still unknown, like worldclimate changes.

Numerous studies were launched with regards to this, giving birth to new questions as to how exercise will work to reshape your brain that are yet to be answered.