Guest Post: 5 Easy Workouts for Your Summer Vacations to Maintain Your Fitness

With summer here we know many of you will be taking those summer vacations, which can lead to over eating while on the road and exercising less. At we want you to have the information needed to make sure all your hard work on your new exercise machine does not got down the drain, here are 5 easy workouts to try on your vacation to help you maintain your fitness:

5 Easy Workouts for Your Summer Vacations to Maintain Your Fitness

With all the summer time BBQ’s and vacation times here, you know there are going to plenty of yummy dishes to tempt you. For those that exercise regularly, this can be a killer because you’re already trying so hard to stay on track.

So what can you do to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon? Here are 5 easy workouts for your vacations
to maintain fitness and keep those delicious calories from adding up!

Normally, you can find 30 minutes to carve out and take for yourself. You don’t need a full 60-minute workout session if you know how to increase the effectiveness of certain moves.

Chair dips on the park benchInstead, do a combination of moves such as lunges and chair dips that don’t even require a gym. These allow you to workout anywhere and not have to spend money on a day pass if you’re out of town.

Another great combination is the up-down, which works a variety of muscles. Jog in place for 30 seconds and then jump down to a push up position. Do ten push-ups and jump back up to begin jogging again.

You can modify this for your abilities of course, but the general movement is going to give your entire body a great cardio boost.

So what if you’re not to a full-on sweaty workout yet?

Speed walking can also be great if you carry a couple of dumbbells with you. As you walk, you can incorporate arm lifts up and to the side to work those muscles at the same time. (Here are a few arm exercises to try while you are walking).

If you carry a band with you, you can also stop at a park bench and do some leg lifts, using the bench as a support.

By combining consistent cardio like this and some toning moves, you can even do this while walking with family members or friends. Who knows? You may inspire them to do the same thing!

For those who feel like they need a break from the house or hotel where they are staying, they may enjoy a rigorous walk around town. Here, you can recreate your basic workout from home using only your body weight as resistance.

1) Speed walk down the sidewalk for a certain amount of minutes

2) Stop and do two sets of calf raises of the side of the curb

3) Use an outdoor flight of stairs as a stationary stair climber for a set amount of minutes.

When you incorporate moves like this into your vacation fitness routine, you also get the benefit of fresh air. It’s not like working out in a gym where you may have the smell of the pool or spa area to consider. Instead, you can have a new environment combined with whatever music you have on your player.

It’s important to continue on with your fitness measures even though you’re on vacation. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you fall behind on whatever progress you’ve made. By following 5 easy workouts for your vacations to maintain fitness, you’ll not only feel better about yourself but you’ll make smarter eating choices while you’re there as well.


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