Guest Post: How to Stay Motivated While Exercising at Home

We are all about working out in the comfort of your home here at, that is why we supply you with the greatest deals on ProForm exercise equipment to get you headed in the right direction. Sometimes it may be hard to find the motivation when you yourself are only accountable at your home, but with these tips from our guest author Pamela Jones you’ll be ready to lace up those tennis shoes and get going!

How to Stay Motivated While Exercising at Home

In order to lose weight from exercising, you must be motivated. Working out at a gym surrounded by various exercise equipment and other people motivates you enough to work out vigorously. On the other hand, exercising at home might not be as encouraging.

Fortunately there are some things you can do stay motivated while exercising at home. Those things are as follows:

Listen to music. If music is a great motivator for professional athletes, then it can certainly help you stay focused too while exercising at home. Choose music that is easy for you to work out to. This music should be able to distract your mind from the physical pain of working your muscles to their limits.

Watching TV while running on the TreadmillWatch television. Many gyms have televisions for people to watch as they work out. Since you have this feature in your home as well, turn it on and watch it during your workout. This is especially perfect when you’re exercising on exercise equipment such as an elliptical machine, bike, treadmill, etc. Some people even watch their favorite programs while losing weight!

Get an exercise buddy. Just because you exercise at home doesn’t mean you can’t have someone come over and join you. Having an exercise partner can be very motivating to anyone who likes working out with others yet prefer exercising at home.

Set a visual goal for yourself. Go beyond having a goal of losing –x- number of pounds. Instead, visualize yourself as the size you feel is ideal for you. If you have a picture of yourself when you weighed less, use this picture for motivation. Let it help you to visually set a weight loss goal for yourself. Having an image can be far more helpful to you than just setting a number goal.

Granted, exercising at home versus at a gym can be challenging, but with the right mindset and the few tips listed above, you can lose weight at home!


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