Insanity Too Hard On Your Joints? Mix It Up With An Elliptical Trainer!

We know the importance of preventing and avoiding injuries while trying to maintain your workout regimen here at, that is why the elliptical is one of our favorite machines. Elliptical trainers do not place as much pressure on your joints and help to prevent those injuries.

So what do you do when you do experience a workout that places a pounding on your joints?! Alter the workout to work for you of course. No one is going to continue a painful workout, so instead of giving up, make the workout work for you! Here are some tips from our guest author to help you incorporate the elliptical into more intense, joint pounding workouts such as Insanity:  

So you heard all the fuss about the Insanity Home Workout program. You saw the before and after pictures and read the reviews. Maybe you even talked to an Insanity graduate (there are many out there) and he made a believer out of you. So you decided to get it, become part of the Insanity experience and shape your body into the body of your dreams.

After all of this, a few days after you started the workouts you first noticed it, you encountered a hard truth: your joints, knees and foot joints, can’t handle all the pounding this super intense workout puts them through.

Not good news for you, right? Especially after all the enthusiasm you had and also how much you spent in the program itself. Many people decide to give up on Insanity altogether and try something that will be easier on their joints. But this is not the only solution.

If you have an elliptical trainer, you know that these machines are anything but hard on your knees and ankles. The amount of stress put on your knees, foot joints and hips is less than the one put on them by exercises like walking and running, and of course, much less than the one put on them by Insanity.

 So the solution is simple, mix your Insanity workouts with elliptical use. How? Well it’s up to you and your joints. Some people replace all of the jumping exercises with elliptical exercising and some only replace the ones that have the most impact on your joints.

Insanity has many exercises that don’t involve jumping or running in place. If you do this exercises with your DVDs, but get onto your elliptical when the instructor stars jumping around you’ll get a very interesting mix going that will give you great results and won’t damage your joints.