Is Stress Keeping You From Accomplishing Your Goals?

Stressed at WorkWe’ve all been under a lot of stress and pressure at some point or another. Whether it’s finishing up your research paper for school or completing an intense project for work, stress comes in all forms. Some people want to start an exercise program, but they just don’t feel like they have the time for it. They feel overwhelmed by the daily tasks they are already committed to.

One group of people who can certainly understand this situation are parents working full time while working on their college degrees. Those 3 different roles (student, parent, worker) will make life very stressful, especially during finals week!

Some people feel discouraged by their weight loss and fitness goals because they seem impossible to do. One great thing to keep in mind is an ancient Chinese proverb. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. However, there are ways to cope with stress that will make your life easier and more manageable.

In an article by Peter Bregman, he puts stress in a new, refreshing light. In a nutshell, stress is the result of unmet expectations. With new technologies improving almost daily, our expectations keep rising higher and higher. No wonder we are so unhappy in a world of possibilities! The point Peter makes is that stress can be handled in a simple way: fix the problem, or the expectation. In other words, to handle stressful problems you either need to fix them or just learn to deal with it.

For such a crazy and confusing emotion to feel, the solutions are surprisingly simple. Fix the problem, or fix your expectations. Living by these words will reduce the stress in your life so that you can get your goals accomplished and move towards a healthier lifestyle.