Les Mills COMBAT – A New In Home Workout Worth Looking At

With New Year’s only 12 weeks away, it’s about time we all start thinking about whether or not we achieved last years goals, and what new goals we want to place for ourselves this new coming year. If you are like most American’s, I am sure one or more of your resolutions has to deal with health and/or fitness. In fact according to this article from WorkoutsForYou.com “In 2001 (according to GNC), 55 percent promised to eat healthier, 50 percent resolved to exercise more, and 38 percent wanted to lose weight.”

Here are ProForm-Coupons.com we want to ensure you get the best deals on top of the line ProForm exercise equipement this holiday season to ensure you keep your new year’s resolutions and accomplish your goals. Today we have a guest post on another way you can do just that with the latest fitness program Les Mills COMBAT. Read on to find out exactly what this fitness program is and how it can help you accomplish your goals this new year’s:

Les Mills COMBAT – A New In Home Workout Worth Looking At

It seems almost on a daily basis we are bombarded with the newest, latest, and greatest workout accessory or fad program. This is especially the case as we get closer to the holidays and the start of a new year. New Year’s resolution time seems to be when we get the highest concentration of fitness gimmicks looking for easy prey. This year, Beachbody LLC made famous for workouts such as P90X, Insanity, and Les Mills PUMP, has collaborated again with partner in crime Les Mills International to bring us Les Mills COMBAT. The question for anyone looking to start exercising is if this is a program to skip or one to give a second look at?

What Is This New Workout Les Mills COMBAT?

Les Mills and Beachbody LLC have worked together in the past and created the first ever in home version of BODYPUMP. The class has been taught in gyms in over 30 countries to millions of people each week. Les Mills PUMP as it was named quickly became one of the best selling programs of all time, even with a price tag of nearly $200. It only makes sense then that these two heavy weight organizations would try to duplicate their earlier success. Since Les Mills has other classes taught on a regular basis, they decided to try it again, with the BODYCOMBAT group class.

Les Mills COMBAT is a direct copy of the BODYCOMBAT class and is strictly based on the same 6 major mixed martial arts (MMA). The music selected, the exercise moves involved, and the progression of workouts from easy to difficult was all derived from the original class setting. COMBAT is comprised of 7 workouts that cover everything from the basics, to total body workouts, to a rigorous 55 minute cardio DVD that keeps your heart rate in the 160’s the whole time.

What Comes In The Base Kit, Deluxe Kit, And Ultimate Kit?

Beachbody generally has begun to release their newer programs in different versions.  In the case of Les Mills Combat you are given three options that you can choose from. If you feel you only want the DVDs, a nutrition guide, calendar, and exercise guide the base kit for $59.85 is your best bet.  If you’d like to have the same kickboxing gloves used by the two trainers in the videos, upgrade to the Deluxe Kit for $20 bucks more. The last option called the Ultimate Kit is for those that have the money, and commitment to take on 3 additional advanced workouts. This kit also comes with everything in the deluxe package.

Conclusion About Les Mills COMBAT By Beachbody

There’s quite a buzz around this new program, and although it’s still in the preorder phase all you have to do is a quick search about the class it’s based on to get really good reviews.  If you’re someone who enjoys staying in rather than going out to exercise this might work well for you. I would recommend the Les Mills COMBAT program for anyone new to working out that likes martial arts, and has been bored with other workouts and wants to try something new.