Motivating Yourself to Hop on that Treadmill!

If you already own a treadmill, then you’re on the right track for fitness. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get on it day after day! So I have compiled a few tips and ideas to stay motivated and get back on that treadmill.

1. Set up a reward system. Tell yourself that you can’t watch TV, get on Facebook, or whatever, until you spend some time on the treadmill. This is a simple form of prioritizing, but it works!

2. Think of what will happen if you don’t exercise. There are many benefits to exercising. If you don’t exercise, you will miss out on all of those benefits! You’ll gain weight, have a higher disease risk, and feel cruddy. You need to exercise!

3. Surround yourself with pictures of who you want to look like. If you are constantly bombarding yourself with ideas and images of thin, healthy people, you will soon find yourself becoming just that: healthy and thin.

4. Remember your weight loss goals. Keeping your goals in mind will help you to stay motivated for your workout and remembering why you’re doing it.

5. If you’re exercising to look good for swimsuit season, a wedding, or whatever, focus on that when you want to give up. As mentioned in the last tip, remembering why you are exercising will help you to stick to it.

Here are just 5 simple ideas of motivation. I’m sure there are other great ideas for motivation, but these are just a few I thought of. So remember to get up and moving every day for at least half an hour, because you need to exercise to be healthy! Your body doesn’t start burning fat until it’s exhausted all the carbohydrates. This takes about 15 minutes of having an elevated heart rate, so half an hour will give you about 15 minutes of fat burning time.

So make sure you get on your treadmill every day. However you have to motivate yourself to do it, whether it be focusing on your goals or rewarding yourself, find what works for you. Have fun running!


Alyssa Staheli is a life-long learner and a health and fitness expert. She loves to write and share her knowledge with others. This is because she believes that “knowledge is power” and that with the right information, one can achieve optimum health. You can find Alyssa on Google+.