National Walking Day – A Super Fat Blast Walking Workout

Many think walking is a leisurely activity and can’t be used as a way to blast fat, in honor of National Walking Day we are here to put that misconception to rest! We’ve talked before about how you can Walk Away From Health Risks by incorporating walking into your weekly workouts, yet some still think you have to go full out every day to see any progress.

While higher intensity workouts will help you to burn more calories faster, if you were to go full intensity every day you’ll soon experience burn out. Be sure you are allowing your body the rest it deserves, as we talking about in the Importance of Rest Days.

Now many of us have a hard time with so-called “rest days” as we still want to get in some sort of physical activity. Now for these days, walking is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a lower-intensity workout that still gives your body a rest from the more intense workouts, yet can still get you moving.

Now that we all know Walking is Indeed Beneficial to Our Health and should be incorporated into our fitness regimens to help us burn calories and crank up our metabolisms, here is a Super Fat Blasting Walking Workout from Prevention for you to try out in honor of National Walking Day. It gives you a lower-intensity workout yet will still leave you sweating and your heart pumping! 

Walking Workout: Super Fat Blast

Super Fat Blasting Workout

Try it out and let us know what you think!

What are your thoughts on rest days and walking workouts?!