No Time For Your Treadmill? Do NEAT Exercises!

Ever feel like you are too busy for your treadmill? That’s okay! Just find another way to exercise. Doing little things like pacing while taking a phone call, wiggling your toes the the subway, and getting up between TV commercials are sneaky ways to burn calories throughout your day. So what does NEAT stand for?

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenisis. In a nutshell, it involves all the normal day-to-day activities we do that still burn calories, like walking to the car. NEAT focuses on maximizing these trivial movements into making a huge impact on your health.

Stability BallOne way to implement NEAT in your life is to use a pedometer. Also known as ‘step counters’, these devices do double duty: they count your steps and remind you to move more. Keeping track of how much you walk will inevitably cause you to keep walking.

Another place you can maximize your NEAT-ness is at work.

If you have a desk job, ask your boss if you can replace your comfy chair with a stability ball. This requires you to balance on the ball all day long, strengthening your core muscles and burning more calories.

Fidgeting is another way to fit in some NEAT time. if you are stuck sitting down for a long time, wiggling your fingers and toes will burn more calories than just sitting still.

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