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Below you can browse our articles related to ProForm and fitness in general. If we hear of any new models or a special sale we will be posting about it here. And remember, our coupons work even during ProForm sales events. But when nothing new is happening with ProForm we will also post helpful information related to the world of exercise and fitness to help you get the most out of your new exercise equipment.

proform sale jan 2013

Proform is having a sale right now on two of their new treadmills. The sale includes the Pro2000, which is $700 off normal price, and the Power 995C, which is $1,000 off their normal price. They are calling this the “stick to your resolutions sale,” and with this winter weather we have been having, getting a treadmill might just be the only way to actually stick with the goals you made at the beginning of this month! Read More

Over the weekend is a great time to start a treadmill interval workout! Especially since it’s still the beginning of the new year, and for everyone with the resolution to stay in shape this year, new workouts are always fun to try out!
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The Treadmill Review Guru has posted an infographic created for his site and it focuses on working out during the first trimester of pregnancy. He will be posting follow up graphics for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters in the near future. He is encouraging bloggers everywhere to embed this infographic onto their websites. So many expectant mothers don’t exercise at all, and use pregnancy as an excuse to “be lazy” but the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are amazing. You and your baby can both be healthier if you commit to regular exercise, and these infographics will show you how to get started! Read More

Happy New Year from all of us at ProformCoupon.com!


No doubt most of us have weight loss on our New Year’s resolution list for 2013. Not a big surprise since around ⅔ of all Americans are overweight. And even if you aren’t struggling with your weight, you may have a goal to increase your fitness levels to ensure better health. The sedentary lifestyle of most Americans is contributing to the the high rate of preventable death in this country. It’s not a secret that physical exercise is very good for your body, and that people in all stages of life should be participating in some form of activity. If you don’t have exercise on your list of resolutions for this year, then perhaps you should consider adding it! Read More

This cool infographic supplied by Proform gives 6 reasons why elliptical trainers are great tools for exercise! I put the links to a couple of supplemental articles at the bottom of the post, so check them out if you are still unsure about whether or not the elliptical is the right machine for you! Enjoy! Read More

Smooth Fitness was in trouble last week. Luckily, things look like they are turning up for the company! All of their fitness equipment is no longer classified as “Out of Stock” and you can make purchases on the Smooth website once again. Read More

It appears as though Smooth Fitness,  a 25 year old exercise equipment company has gone out of business, or at least will be filing for bankruptcy.

The online retailer did over 90% of their sales online, and was one of the first fitness companies to switch over to being strictly online. Because they eliminated brick and mortar stores, and the additional staff it takes to run these stores, they could focus on lowering the prices on their equipment. Read More

Running in the Boston Marathon is the goal for many marathon runners. In order to run in this marathon, another marathon must be run within the qualifying times no more than 18 months prior to the Boston race. To “Boston Qualify” is a feat is difficult to achieve for the average runner. The marathon takes place annually on the 3rd Monday in April. Approximately 20,000 people run the race each year, with over 500,000 spectators cheering them on. So if you are planning to run the Boston Marathon at some point, ProForm has just released the perfect piece of equipment for you – the Boston Marathon Treadmill!

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Have you ever purchased any Proform exercise equipment? If you have then maybe you have written a review about your product. If you did write a review, good job! The sad fact is that most customers don’t write a review of any products that they buy. This goes for anything that you purchase, but we’ll just talk about Proform since if you are here, you are probably thinking of making an exercise machine purchase.

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Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? How about Black Friday, did you brave the crowds? Well, today is Cyber Monday, so if you missed out on all of the Black Friday sales, don’t worry. Proform still has amazing sales going on today! And the best part is that our coupons will still work, so you don’t have to kick yourself for missing out on them!

Just click here to see our Proform Coupons, and after you click the link the discount for any Proform equipment within the price range will come down even more from the already amazing advertised prices. Read More