Play Outdoors: Exercise Ideas

Exercising outdoors should be a part of every individuals exercise regimen. When people remember that their primary goals for exercising in the first place were to have a more enjoyable life and improve their relationships with others it is often very easy for them to accept the invitation to exercise out doors.


The suggestions in this blog basically revolve around activities that you can do at a park or some similar location. These exercises are not about reps and weights but they will give anyone a great opportunity  to exercise by running, stretching and moving around.


Boomerangs! Disbelieve it if you will, but boomerangs are a great little item to take to the park if you want to get some exercise. If, somehow, you are ignorant as to what a boomerang is, a boomerang is a flat curved piece of wood or some other light material which, when thrown properly, flies in a circular path and returns to the point from which it was thrown.


Boomerangs offer lots of chances to run around and have fun exercising with family and friends. Since most people have a harder time throwing a boomerang than a frisbee, they will also have to run around and fetch the boomerang when it lands on the other side of the field instead of back at your feet.


There is an obvious connection between boomerangs and frisbees, and both are great outdoor park exercise ideas. If you do choose to get some exercise with a frisbee however, you should choose a disk more carefully than this individual.

Remember, you need to be able to throw them without injuring anyone.




Jeff is a college writer who enjoys outdoor activities and is actually able to catch a boomerang given a slight 11:00 breeze. Find more on his Google+.