Praise Yourself – Don’t Lose Hope

Getting bored with your workouts is not the only way one loses motivation to workout, although like we discussed in a previous post, adding variety to your runs should help you overcome that. Many people also lose motivation due to not seeing the results they are looking for right off the bat!

It takes time for your body to show the results!  Don’t lose hope!

Don't Give Up

Praising yourself daily for how far you have come with help you keep focus on the end goal. Waking up with positive thoughts makes you happier throughout the day, giving you more energy to tackle that workout. Think about all the good you’ve done thus far in your health, try not to focus on the bad! Proving to yourself that you can do this, no matter how long it takes!

Good Job SelfAs this article from states;  “Allow yourself to feel grateful for all you’ve accomplished, then tell yourself, Yes, I will make the extra effort to improve my health and body today!” You deserve it!

Reward yourself for the smaller goals along the way too! If your goal is to lose 20lbs., reward yourself every time you lose 5lbs! That’s 1/4 your goal! Just make sure not to reward yourself with food or inactivity, this will only defeat the purpose!

Another great way to help you stay motivated is to track your workouts. You don’t notice the little improvements unless you are writing them down and keeping yourself honest. Make sure you are pushing yourself every time, this will only show faster results and boost your ego! Every couple times you jump on that treadmill, try one more minute or one speed higher! You’ll be surprised at how much you didn’t notice you are improving in performance until you push yourself. Writing it down keeps you honest to know when and if you really are improving!

You’ll get there! Just be patient and don’t beat yourself up along the way! Praise yourself for all you’ve accomplished thus far, and for even getting on that treadmill or elliptical and trying! Every workout brings you closer to your goal! The healthy life doesn’t end after your ProForm purchase, although you should praise yourself after the great deal you get using our coupons as well!

Written By: Jentry