Reviewing Your Proform

Have you ever purchased any Proform exercise equipment? If you have then maybe you have written a review about your product. If you did write a review, good job! The sad fact is that most customers don’t write a review of any products that they buy. This goes for anything that you purchase, but we’ll just talk about Proform since if you are here, you are probably thinking of making an exercise machine purchase.

No matter where you buy your Proform exercise equipment, the best place to post a review will be on the Proform website. Despite the fact that many people purchase Proform equipment from 3rd party sites (such as Amazon), most people will at least take a look at the manufacturer’s website before buying something so big. So your review will most likely have a larger reach if it is posted on Proform. You can always post your review in multiple places as well, for maximum exposure.

Most people only write reviews if they are very highly dissatisfied with their product, or extremely happy with it. So this leads to some strange biases at times. Some of the most valuable reviews are those in the average range. So if you are content with your purchase but don’t think that writing a review will be of any help, think again! The majority of consumers find things that they like and dislike about every product out there, so just write a short review highlighting what the likes and dislikes are for you personally.

User reviews are especially important if you are buying a *new* model. Most customers hesitate to buy if there aren’t any reviews available, so if you are among the first wave of customers for that machine, then your review will become extremely valuable to everyone who contemplates making that purchase after you.

So whether or not you love or hate your exercise equipment, do future buyers a favor and post a user review! It’s a great way to help others who may be on the edge about making a purchase! So hop on over to Proform and write a short review if you haven’t yet done so!