Simple Tasks To Maintain Your Treadmill

Any machine that has moving parts will require maintenance at some point. Although that brand new out-of-the-box treadmill may look like it’s made to endure the ages, it will come to a stuttering halt if some basic maintenance is not administered.

Starting from day one, always make sure your treadmill is plugged in safely. If the outlets installed in your treadmills’ new abode do not have a ground access, extension devices are cheap and often come with a surge protector. Using one of these will ensure the screen and other electrical components will not be damaged in a power outage or other event.

Next is dusting which should be an everyday task but everyone knows that’s not going to happen. So really this is best to be done before every use, or at least once a week, whichever comes first. Dust and other flak that has collected underneath and on the treadmill can be sucked in through air intake vents and gum up the motor.

This will cause the motor to overheat and wear much quicker than if it was clean. To dust, wipe down the deck, console, and front step plate with a damp rag. Water is the only cleaner you’ll need because other products may interfere with the belt lubrication.

The third task is occasionally lubricating the belt. Consult the owner’s manual for model-specific instructions, and also to see which products are recommended. Some models don’t even require lubrication.

Getting a mechanic to come into your home can be expensive, not to mention how unpredictable their schedule and assumed “Date of Maintenance” can be. These simple tasks won’t abate every mechanical issue, but are guaranteed to prolong the life of the investment you’ve made in improving yourself by ensuring your treadmill will be functional for a very long time.



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