Smooth Fitness Makes a Comeback

Smooth Fitness was in trouble last week. Luckily, things look like they are turning up for the company! All of their fitness equipment is no longer classified as “Out of Stock” and you can make purchases on the Smooth website once again.

According to the Treadmill Doctor, the reason that the company is bouncing back is because they were purchased, and they now have enough capital to survive.


Unfortunate timing was a big factor for the company during this hiatus. Those who were expecting to purchase Smooth equipment for Christmas gifts were unable to do so during a time when many customers were looking for gifts. Those who purchased right before the struggle had problems, as many of the orders went unfulfilled. Now they may get their new machines after the holidays, because of the delay. When customers started catching on to what the company was doing, many negative reviews were written, tarnishing the Smooth name even more.



Keeping the entire ordeal under wraps made it confusing for any current and potential Smooth customers. If Smooth would have contacted every one who purchased a machine that would have delivery delays, then much of the confusion and anger from customers could have been avoided.

However, despite the mistakes made, Smooth looks as though it has a bright future. Though information is unavailable about the entity who bought out the company have poured millions of dollars into capital, and steps are being taken to eliminate the debt.

And the best part? For all of the people who bought Smooth in the past, since the company was not taken over by another, and is virtually the same company under new ownership, the warranties will stay in effect. So if you are a current Smooth owner, and were wondering if your treadmill was the right purchase for you, you can rest easy knowing that it is still covered by the company if something breaks within warranty.