Stay Active To Avoid Back Pain

Your back muscles are a big part of your core, they are used in just about every activity you do. It has been shown from

Back Pain

Don't end up like this guy!, which you can check out more information here, that people who are overweight and are not physically active are more likely to experience back pain. This is just another good reason to stay physically active. suggests, “For the sake of your back, and the body that it supports, get familiar with these back-saving techniques. The 3 rules of lifting are:

1. Keep objects close to your body.

2. Move your feet instead of twisting at the waist (whether it’s to grab or set down objects).

3. Keep your spine in a neutral position.”

Stress is also going to play a big role in back pain, stressing causes your muscles to tighten. Try out these de-stressing yoga moves here to keep your back stretched and keep you relaxed. It also helps to improve your posture, which is essential in preventing back pain. Regularly stretching daily, especially before and after workouts, is going to help avoid any back pain as well.

HealthFinder also suggests being regularly active to help strengthen your muscles and prevent back pain. Aerobic exercise warms up your muscles and preps your cardiovascular system to supply oxygen rich blood to your body. An elliptical is a great cardio workout that is also going to strengthen your back, by moving of the handles. Make sure to keep your posture upright during your elliptical workout.

Check out this elliptical workout here for a total-body workout.

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Written by: Jentry