Avoiding Mononucleosis

Here at ProForm Coupons we are not only interested in your fitness, but your overall health. We want to make sure your goals of living a healthy life do not stop after your purchase of your home treadmill, but well after that as well. Fitness is a big part of staying healthy though, because of the chemicals released during exercise it increases your health by boosting your immunity.

Getting sicknesses, especially diseases such as mononucleosis, can leave you out of work (and the gym) for weeks to even months. So staying active and fit will help boost your immunity to help keep you at your best all year long! If you do come in contact with mono, as stated below, 85% of us will by the age of 35, exercising does not need to stop. According to Livestrong, “If you only have slight side effects with your mononucleosis, you may be able to engage in physical activity. It is important to take it slow, especially if you are still recovering. While you should get 30 minutes of exercise up to five days a week, if you have had mononucleosis symptoms, you should start off slowly until you regain strength. Exercise in small amounts throughout the day may be able to boost your immunity and help with the overall recovery process.”

Mono, also known as the “kissing disease” leaves you very ill with flu-like symptoms. Avoiding this disease through exercise is going to help keep you from losing hours at work, as well as losing hours you could be spending working out if you had the energy.  Here are a few more facts on mono:

Facts on Mono

This is one disease that will not just leave you in bed for a few days, it can last up to weeks and even months. So start today, participate in National Health and Fitness Month by staying active to help boost your immunity and avoid diseases such as this.

Written By: Jentry