Three Sneaky Tricks To Beat Fat

If you are looking to buy a treadmill it is probably safe to assume that you would like to be a bit healthier.  Well, you are on the right track, but health takes more than a treadmill.  You have to incorporate a good diet.  So here we have compiled three of the easiest and most effective ways to diet.


Sleep Yourself Skinny

Eight hours of sleep every night. Yeah, this is literally the dream diet everyone has been waiting for.  Lack of sleep stimulates the hormones that aggravate appetite.  Basically, the less you sleep the more you eat. It is as simple as that.

Beauty sleep does a lot more than just improve your reflection. Sleep is very important for physical development.  Not to get to technical but, there are specific protein syntheses that only occur when the body is unconscious.  So do yourself a favor and get some shut-eye.


Eat Breakfast

A good way to stimulate the metabolism early in the morning is by finding something to eat.  Take a break from your busy life and forget about fasting.  Eating breakfast is also going to prevent you from becoming overly hungry and over eating later in the day.

Some people may only eat one meal a day.  This is a good way to cut back on calories, but it is also going to stretch your stomach.  Eating three to five smaller meals a day is actually going to prevent that pop-belly.


Spicy Foods

Studies have shown that spicy foods actually work to curb hunger.  So if you are looking to cut back on calories and you don’t want those constant cravings, then adding spices to your diet is going to be the perfect trick.

The best part about this is that spices cause the brain to release an extraordinary amount of endorphins, thus boosting brainpower and improving overall mood.  Studies have also shown that the help to strengthen muscle.


The thing we like about these tricks is that they are so easily used in conjunction with each other.  Go to sleep early so you can wake up. Cook yourself a healthy omelet breakfast.  Then you add some spicy sauce, and, voila, you are controlling your appetite and cutting calories in no time at all.