Tips for Better Bodybuilding Fat Loss Workout Results

Today we have a guest post from Roger about bodybuilding fat loss. Enjoy!


Tips for Better Bodybuilding Fat Loss Workout Results
By Roger Navidad Pahuriray 

There are many techniques for bodybuilding fat loss and they are very diverse. This is great news for you since you have the freedom to choose which workout suits you. People have different preferences; some prefer running while others prefer dancing. Whatever your choice is, your decision not to stay sedentary is a feat in itself. It means you’re willing to dedicate a few hours per week to your health. After all, it’s you who will benefit from such decision and not others. Aside from the health benefits you’ll get from shedding excess weight, there is also the added benefit of looking better physically. And you’ll surely experience a surge in confidence when you see an improved “you” in the mirror. Work out and improve yourself for your sake.

As mentioned, there are several bodybuilding and fat loss strategies, but there are workout tips that apply to all strategies. It’s important that you know what these tips are to aid you in achieving the results you want. Here are some of the workout tips you need to remember:

Don’t obsess about your weight.

Yes, every person who wants to get a workout and lose unwanted pounds will take note of the starting weight and monitor this every so often. But obsessing about your weight is the wrong approach if you are trying to accomplish bodybuilding fat loss. The workouts decrease fat but increase muscle mass, which means there is a huge possibility that you’ll be retaining your weight. What you need to rely on is how your body looks when you stand in front of the mirror. Are the flabby arms gone and do your arms seem more toned? Are the love handles slowly diminishing? These are what you should rely on, not your weight.

Don’t cut on calories drastically and abruptly.

When you suddenly cut back on calories, your body will go in starvation mode, which means it can slow down your metabolism. When this happens, your body will store fat longer, making it more difficult for you to burn fat. If you need to reduce caloric intake, do it gradually and in very small amounts. The drastic change in the amount of calories you are taking in will also mean that your body will have to adjust to operating with fewer calories, and this may have an effect on your mood, making you either irritable or depressed. When you are trying to lose weight it’s important to keep yourself upbeat since this requires dedication and commitment. This is especially important when it comes to getting you through the crucial stages. Just make sure you figure out exactly how many calories  you have to burn before you start reducing your daily count!

Do some weight training.

Workouts infused with weights can help burn more calories. After a weight training exercise, your body continues to burn calories for up to 39 hours during rest. Weight training also assists in building muscles. And the more muscles you have, the more calories are burned. Weight training also helps prevent some form of sagging when you start to lose fat. You want a more toned physique rather than a thin body with sagging skin. Those who used to be extremely overweight but didn’t incorporate weight training in their weight loss programs will be shocked to find unsightly loose skin despite attaining their ideal weight. Unfortunately for these people, some form of cosmetic surgery will be necessary.

Know what to eat and what not to eat.

It’s not enough that you’re doing some form of bodybuilding fat loss workout. You also need to mind what food you should eat and avoid. Should you eat fat, choose the healthy kinds – polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 from nuts and fish, and monounsaturated like those from egg yolks, olive oil, and fish oil. Cut down on carbs, especially from starch and sugar. Increase your protein intake for better metabolism and muscle mass retention. Doing so can also increase the amount of fat burned. Just keep in mind that while there are some foods out there that you should never eat, especially after exercise, there are plenty of options out there to keep you happy, healthy and on track!

 Remember, bodybuilding and fat loss techniques will work if you follow these simple tips. Choose whatever type of workout you want. Just make sure you do what’s right.

Roger works for Sweet Sweat, a company that produces a thermogenic workout enhancer. Check out the Sweet Sweat Facebook page!