Tour De France Generation 2

Proform has taken their stationary bikes to a whole new level.  The Tour De France Generation 2 stationary training bike is, in Lewis Elliot’s words, “Incredible and incomparable to other stationary bikes”.  But don’t take a former U.S. National Team Cyclist’s word for it, just look at the specs.

Pro Athlete TrainingThis bike has incline and decline that matches the street.  The bike will automatically adjust while riding to simulate any street in the world by connecting to Ifit Live.  It comes with a good 24 pre-mapped routes, the Tour De France route being one of them, obviously. However, you can also program any route you want into the console and enjoy riding your own personalized trails from the comfort of your living room.

The newest and most innovative feature that Proform has incorporated with this bike is its intelligent wind resistance.  Based on your body profile, the bike calculates what the natural wind resistance would be outside specifically for you.  So when you are riding those virtual trails in your basement it really isn’t a whole lot different from the real thing.  In fact, there is close to  zero difference at all.

This is the sleekest bike on the market for pro bikers, marathoners, iron-men, you name it.  If you want to get real training without leaving your home, this is the way to do it.  Apart from being leaps and bounds ahead of any competitor stationary training bike, this bike also just looks more appealing.

Proforms best stationary bike

It sure is a beauty

I would go as far as to say that this bike is actually more entertaining than a real bike.  You can still ride both up and down hills, experience the wind resistance, and bike anywhere you want.  Except now you can also do all this while you are in your living room  watching the food network.

Besides having all those fancy high-tech  adaptations, this still comes with all the best features from previous Proform stationary bikes:  Gear shifters on the handler bars, a console with a built-in power meter, and just about every square inch of it is adjustable.

This may not give you the exact feeling you get from outdoor training, but it will certainly give you a better experience than any other training bike.  Not to mention it is just a lot more entertaining to use because of all the fun features.