Spice Things Up – Treadmill Interval Workout

Although we are big fans of treadmills, specifically ProForm Treadmills, we know that they can become a little mundane. Today we wanted to bring ya a workout that is sure to “Spice Things Up” and add a little variety to your treadmill workout. Now if you are new to treadmill running, or it’s been awhile since you’ve had the opportunity to run on one, be sure to read up on the Correct Treadmill Running Form to ensure you’re doing it correctly.
Try out this Treadmill Interval Workout that not only switches up your incline and your speed, but gives you some different activities to try out during the s specified time frame as well! For a workout such as this we recommend a treadmill with one-touch speed and incline controls to make it quicker/easier, such as the Pro 2000, which is actually $700 off today and tomorrow for ProForm’s Fitness Sale! Check out if you’re in need of a new treadmill, then get back here and try out this workout to make good use of that purchase! 
Treadmill Interval Workout