Walk Away From Health Risks

At ProForm-Coupons.com we understand the importance of physical exercise and know how important it is for your overall health. I came across this article from digitaljournal.com recently that made me realize the importance of this even more.

Walking the Way to HealthThe article stated that women who mildly exercised reduced their risk of breast cancer by 30%! Daily mild exercise that is all it takes, walking on the treadmill at about a 3mph pace is considered mild exercise. Do this every day for about 45 minutes and you are well on your way to reducing your risk ladies!

And breast cancer risk is not the only thing mild exercise decreases, according to this article from Livestrong.com walking for at least two hours a week decreases your risk of heart attacks by up to 30%. The article also stated that “regular mild exercise reduced the tendency to develop dementia”.

We are talking about mild workouts here, I hope you are all catching this important word, MILD. While yes more intense, vigorous exercise may have greater effects on your health and weight, this is showing that even mild workouts have their health perks as well.

Many think that because they cannot get out there for a heart pounding hour workout that it is just not worth it, well that is not the case. Or those that say they just possible do not have the time nor energy to fit in intense workouts, so they opt to not workout at all. Well this is where we are making the mistake and taking the dead end road to our health.

Daily mild exercise can easily be done! Walking just two hours a week as LiveStrong stated is very doable. That is only four 30 minute walks a week. Wake up a little extra early 4 days and walk for 30 minutes on your treadmill. Better yet wake up early 6 days a week and walk for 20 minutes.

Be an over achiever and walk during your lunch break too! The great thing about mild exercise is that it’s just that, mild. You won’t work up a great sweat out on your lunch break walking that you’ll come back looking bad, yet it’ll get you up and moving. The more you are able to fit in any exercise the better!

So the next time you think you can’t fit in a hard workout so why bother?! Remember this! Just 20 minutes a day can reduce your risks for heart attacks, breast cancer, dementia and so many more health problems we all try to avoid. So do yourself a favor and take the 20 minutes to walk!

Try these 14 Walking Treadmill Workouts from Prevention.com to help you get started and keep you motivated!!!



Written By: Jentry