Weekend Treadmill Interval Workout!

Over the weekend is a great time to start a treadmill interval workout! Especially since it’s still the beginning of the new year, and for everyone with the resolution to stay in shape this year, new workouts are always fun to try out!

This interval workout takes 30 minutes to complete, which is the perfect amount of time for the weekend – not too long, not too short! It will really get your blood pumping from the start!! The beauty of this particular workout is that you can adjust the speed within a certain range to whatever is most comfortable and what works for you personally!

The incline adjustments that occur throughout the workout happen in short bursts that you will be able to handle. Give it a try and let us know what you think!! If you have an elliptical that does incline, you can try this workout on your elliptical as well! The link at the bottom of the infographic will take you to the source! Enjoy!