What to Eat and What Not Eat For Your Fourth of July BBQ’s

Tomorrow is Fourth of July and we want to wish all of our ProForm-Coupons.com readers a very happy and safe Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July

Who doesn’t love a good Fourth of July bar-b-que with family and friends?! But who does love the unhealthy burgers and chips that come along with many of these gatherings? That’s why we are here to help! Here’s a list of items to avoid at the bbq, and items that are diet friendly.

Things to Avoid:

Processed meats – hot dogs, bacon, cold cuts; they all contain a lot of preservatives and many mystery ingredients we just are not sure on, better safe to avoid these if possible.

A cheeseburger, that quarter-pound beef burger with a slice of cheese and a bun can set you back 500 calories. Add in your sides and a drink, this BBQ will set you back to more than a day’s worth of calories.

Potato and pasta salads –the full-fat mayo that you find in most of these salads is where the calorie killer tends to hide. The refined potatoes and white noodles don’t do much to the nutritional count either.

Chips – although this may be a no brainer, chips rack in tons of calories without any nutritional value, and they hardly leave you feeling very full with just one serving, leaving you eating quite a few servings.

High calorie beverages – this includes anything from soda, to margaritas. You do not want to be wasting any unnecessary calories on your beverages.

Things to Digest:

If it is a “bring your own meat” BBQ some good options include chicken, black bean burger or a turkey burger. All lower in calories and fat than your normal hot dog and hamburger options. Even try making a chicken skewer, get a double punch with adding veggies to your protein all conveniently on an accessible stick for you.

If it is not a “bring your own meat” BBQ and your only options are hot dogs and hamburgers, we suggest either bringing your own chicken anyway, or opting for the hamburger and substituting the bun with lettuce. Be sure to not add any cheese (unless it is reduced fat) or mayo though, opt for salsa or mustard instead.

Fruits and Vegetables – this will give you something to snack on, while the high fiber content will help keep you full.

Sweet potatoes – they are extremely high in vitamins and minerals without the blood spikes like regular white potatoes. Their natural sugars are instead slowly released in your bloodstream, this ensures a balanced and regular source of energy. Plus they are delicious! You can try them roasted, baked, or better yet throw them on the grill as well.

Drink light beer or vodka spritzers if you are opting to drink alcohol, and be sure to switch those off with a glass of water in between.
Don’t forget to enjoy yourself today! If you eat a little more of something you shouldn’t have, just remember to get right back on track tomorrow. You only live once right? One day doesn’t ruin you – it’s not getting over the day and turning that into a week that ruins diets.

go forth and feast

Enjoy your time with your family and friends and live in the moment. Be conscious of your decisions, but don’t let it ruin or take over your night. “Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are,” from Teddy Roosevelt.



Written By: Jentry