What You Can Do To Help Boston

Prayers for BostonIn the wake of the tragic event that took place yesterday, I think we all more than heartbroken. We’ve always been and still are huge fans of the Boston Marathon, we even have our own Boston Marathon Training Treadmill to encourage and help those brave souls accomplishing the once-in-a-lifetime for many opportunity.

For so many to be injured and any deaths to occur in what should have been a happy/rewarding/celebrating event, well that leaves us all a little speechless. We want to send our thoughts and prayers out  to those 3 families that lost a loved one, to more than the 150 that were injured, and to all those affected by this tragedy.

Now many are asking, what can we do to help our community and our nation?! A post from one of our favorite bloggers PBFingers shared How You Can Help Boston and some ways those of our readers, runners alike or not, looking to help can do so: