Guest Post: Why You Should Buy the ProForm Le Tour de France Bike

Bored with your same old exercise bike? Then you have the best solution. The new generation ProForm Le Tour de France Bike comes with various new features and specifications. Gear up to experience the best bike workout without stepping out of your home. This exercise bike gives you the closest on-road cycling experience. One of the most awaited pieces of fitness equipment is out now. ProForm Le Tour de France Bike has been named the official training bike for Tour de France. Create new benchmarks in your personal training with this fitness equipment.

You can ride anywhere in the world with the iFit technology powered by Google maps. You can create your own course or choose from 24 pre-mapped courses. This gives the freedom to experience new terrain every time you exercise. The frictionless smooth resistance permits you to adjust the intensity of your workout efficiently and quickly. As there is no contact physically between the aluminium flywheel and the break, it gives you a wear-free resistance system that is guaranteed to last.  It has 24 digital gears, which gives you a smooth ride when you climb as you do with your normal road bikes. You can alternate the gears and enjoy the experience in your workout. You also have 20% decline and incline which enables you to stimulate real terrain.

The bike also comes with intelligence wind resistance, which detects your weight and height and adjusts the wind profile to enable real wind resistance. With the Google maps option you can choose any terrain from around the world and enjoy the course.

  • It comes with handlebar shifters with inbuilt 24 digital gears
  • Has power meter
  • Heavy workout? Not a problem since it comes with a sweat shield!
  • Provided with iFit powered by Google. Gives you the freedom to create or select your course, and you can change it as you like.
  • Another amazing feature is 20% incline and decline, stimulating real-world terrain.
  • Includes wind resistance

This next generation bike helps you to burn up your calories, and at the same time give you a good workout. This is certainly an evolution in the fitness world.

Buying this bike is now easier. As the prices are starting from $1,999, you can take instant cash or payday loans if you don’t want to opt for lengthy credit agreements. There are various finance agencies which are providing these short term loan facilities. There is no need to wait in queues or fill up the lengthy documents, since the majority of them are online. Payday loans are faster and easier to pay because they can be paid with your next payday cheque. There are several providers available online and you can choose according to your convenience.

For all the fitness enthusiasts, train like a pro with ProForm Le Tour de France Bike and experience one of a kind training.


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