Why You Should Hold Off On That Snooze Button

Many people say they cannot possible wake up any earlier to fit in their workouts! Many already wake up early as it is and need their sleep. Now I do agree it is extremely important to your health to make sure you are getting your recommended 7-9 solid hours of sleep a night, I am not saying you should give up any of those hours of sleep to work out; simply just go to bed earlier!

Wake Up and WorkoutWhen it comes to your workout, the benefits of going to bed that extra hour early to wake up an hour earlier will be well worth it! Here is a list of the top reasons to rise, shine, then workout:

  • As stated in this article, over 90% of people who exercise consistently exercise in the morning. Due to the fact you get it over with first thing, it gives you little time to make any excuses later on in the day if something unexpected comes up. Helps you stick to your workouts, making them more of a priority!
  • Working out first thing in the morning revs up your metabolism first thing, whether you decide to eat breakfast before or after your morning workout is up to you. Your body was in a sort of fast throughout the night, and by working out you jumpstart your metabolism to wake up! As a result you could burn more calories throughout your day just by simply exercising in the morning.
  • Exercising gets our blood and oxygen moving giving us more energy. When you exercise in the morning it energizes you for your whole day! It will also leave you in a good mood, being proud of yourself for getting your workout done for the day leaves you with that gratifying feeling.
  • Many people have found that working out first thing makes them more conscious of their food choices throughout the day. Getting up earlier, busting through that workout, you know you don’t want to ruin all that hard work by eating any of those bagels and donuts someone brought into the office.
  • Exercise is good for our mental health, not just physical health. So by working out in the morning you increase your mental acuity first thing. This benefit will last your throughout your morning and well into your afternoon, making you more alert when heading into work!

Now with all these added benefits why wouldn’t you want to wake up an extra hour earlier?!

If you cannot possible imagine getting up a whole hour earlier, or you are not able to get yourself into bed an hour earlier, start small. Work your way up to an hour, it’s easier to wake up 15 minutes earlier than you are used to than a whole hour. So start with just 15 minute walk on the treadmill one morning, then 30 a couple days later, then 45, and eventually leading up to that hour.  It’s worth that extra time!

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Written By: Jentry