Workout in Cold Outdoor Weather

For most of us, it’s getting really cold outside! How is the cold affecting your workout?

This is the time of year when the majority of people start bringing their exercise routine indoors. If you are one of these people, browse around the website and see if you are one of the ones who would benefit from using one of our coupons to get a nice new piece of equipment that will last you throughout the winters for many years to come! Just don’t keep your treadmill in a cold garage – it hates the cold almost as much as you do!

Others may not have the space to bring in an exercise machine, and they may choose to join a gym so that they can get a good mix of workouts in. However, the gym isn’t for everyone. Some people are grossed out by all of the users who share the machines there, and some may not want to pay so much money for a gym membership, when they could buy a piece of equipment for their own home with just a few months worth of membership fees.

Another (limited) option for an indoor workout that would be free is walking around your local grocery store or the mall. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to do anything but walk, but at least it is still getting some form of exercise.

There are those who are die-hard about exercising outdoors. More power to them! If you are one of these outdoor fans, then here are a few tips that you should follow for your own safety.

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Bundle-up. Even though you will burn more calories by working out in skimpy clothes, in cold conditions there can be some dangerous side effects from an outdoor workout when temperatures have dropped. Make sure that you wear layers so that as your body heats up, you can remove the clothing that you don’t need, so that you aren’t sweating more than you need to.

Don’t go swimming. Even more than running or cycling, being in water drops your body temperature. This can reach a point where it is lethal, depending on how long long you are exposed and how cold the temperatures are. According to this article, you will lose body heat as you workout in the water so if it’s already cold to begin with, you could end up with a deadly combination.

Protect your hands, feet, and ears. These will be the areas that are first targeted for frostbite. Wear gloves, warm socks and shoes, and ear muffs to keep the cold air away from these vulnerable parts of the body.

Don’t exercise in dangerous areas. If the roads are icy, running on them is a very bad idea. Slush and snow can be dangerous as well. Use your judgement so that you don’t end up with an injury like many runners do every winter. If there is wind blowing, run into the wind to start your workout, and then have it at your back as you head home.

Don’t forget to continue to use the same advice that you would in hot weather. You still need to stay hydrated, and use sunscreen even though it’s cold out.

If you are exercising with asthma or a respiratory irregularity, ask your doctor before taking your workout outdoors, especially in cold weather.

For those who are willing to brave the great outdoors during the winter months, best of luck! Be safe and use your best judgement!