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Switch your exercise into high gear with this 490 SPX Indoor Cycling trainer. An obvious benefit is being able to train even when outdoor conditions are bad, like on rainy days or when it is too dark outside. This bike takes exercise to the next level and it takes comfort to the next level as well. So for the low price of $399 it makes sense to jump on your own trainer.

Here are some of the main features of this exercise bike:

  • Pedals with toe straps: Lock your feet into place so you can push and pull with each pedal.
  • Wireless chest monitor: Monitoring your heart rate can help you to maintain target cardio workouts longer and more effectively.
  • Quick Stop breaking: Momentum on older models will keep the pedals turning for a while after the exercise is over. Quick Stop stops this.

This is a bike that will fit any mammoth of a man and even their diminutive counterparts. It truly is the perfect fit for everyone. The neat thing about this particular model is the ability to adjust the seat so you can get it right where you want it. Besides the convenience and adjustability the bike has some pretty cool little features, such as straps and quick brake capabilities. At the extremely low price this is an excellent addition to any workout room, and if you are a biker this is a necessity.

Feature: Chain Drive System
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
FootPrint: 48.6″L x 19.9″W x 46.5″H
Resistance/Intensity/Levels: Adjustable Resistance
Incline: N/A

ProForm User’s Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

“It is a perfect fit as the description says. It fits my 6’2” frame, it fits into my small home exercise room, and it fits the bill. I am a recovering wounded warrior and this bike is an integral part of my rehabilitation. I can set my own pace, and let my mind wander, listen to music or watch a little TV. A perfect fit for the winter months! Good Luck!” –Skip (Central IL)