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The Proform Power 1080 is the perfect treadmill for all of your fitness goals. In fact, good luck finding a fitness goal that the Power 1080 won’t fulfill. There are several different workout programs available on the Power 1080 powered by iFit. You can run all over the world without even leaving your treadmill. Not only that, but it was built to last and to be used every single day.

Here are some of the main features of this treadmill:

  • Dual-Grip EKG Wireless Heart Rate Monitor: Now you can get the most out of your workout without being tangled up in a bunch of wires! By holding onto the handlebars, you can monitor your heart rate easily during your workout.
  • Workout Intensity Control: In the middle of your workout, sometimes you may feel that you are either exercising too much or too little. The Workout Intensity Control allows you to alter this to whatever you think is necessary.
  • 30 Built-In Workouts: Whether you want to work out for a certain amount of time, a specific length, or even just to keep up your heart rate, the Power 1080 has a workout program that will accommodate to all of your fitness goals.

As said before, this treadmill will accommodate to all of your fitness goals. Even if you can’t find a preset workout that matches your goals, you can actually use the Set-a-Goal Workout Center to select a speed, time or distance, and the treadmill will actually create a workout for you. The Power 1080 is also a very comfortable treadmill. With the ProShox Elite 2 Cushioning, you’ll be able to work out for a longer amount of time because you won’t have to worry so much about your feet or legs becoming sore like they would if you were running on concrete. There’s also a crazy awesome sound system for this treadmill. Not only is it iPod/mp3 player compatible, but it also has a built-in sound system called “Intermix Acoustics 2.0.” Not completely satisfied with the treadmill? No problem! Proform also offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy with it along with a 10% restocking fee. If it is damaged though, you will be fully refunded.

Motor: 3.25 CHP
Treadbelt: 20″ x 60″
Speed: 12 mph
Incline: 0-15%
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

ProForm User’s Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

“Both my wife and I are pleased with the great exercise routines that we are using on our Power 1080 treadmill. Because the treadmill is quiet, we can watch our TH without using headphones while walking about 3.3 to 4.0 mph with an incline of between 7 to 9%. We have put about 250 miles on the tread mill, have lost weight, and increased our physical endurance in just a few months.” –Ed (Gambrills, MD)